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I'm a chronic clutter-er and getting organized has been a life long struggle, as my beyond-tidy mother would gladly tell you. In an attempt to rescue my tabletops from the layer of random jewelry, receipts and makeup that usually takes over, I started decorating old boxes to keep these odds and ends tucked away. This is a really simple DIY project that you can do in a few minutes after work. While its still hard to keep the clutter away, having these cute little storage boxes has definitely been a big help.

What You'll Need:

1) Any old cardboard box

I used the one pictured here after I finished the chocolates that came in it (in an embarrassingly short period of time, I might add) but feel free to use any old box you have lying around.

2) Marble contact paper

I ordered a roll from Taobao but I've seen this on Amazon and at local stationary stores as well if you are based in Hong Kong.

3) Scissors, Ruler, Pencil to measure and cut the amount of contact paper you need.

4) Credit card or any similar plastic card to smooth out any bubbles in the contact paper

What to do:

1) Separate the top and the bottom of the box. (You're already almost there!)

2) Place either half of the box on top of the contact paper as if you were wrapping a gift and measure out the amount of paper you'll need (pictured above). Be sure to include enough extra contact paper at the ends to wrap around the edge of the box for a smooth finish.

3) Lay the measured contact paper flat and remove the protective layer to expose the adhesive. Gently lay the flat side of the box onto the contact paper accordingly. Wrap the contact paper over each edge and trim as needed.

4) Smooth out any air bubbles with a credit card and voila! Your clutter now has a new home.

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