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There ain't no shame in being a crazy plant lady! Here are some of my favorite plant shops in Hong Kong to feed my foliage addiction.

June Flowers & Gifts - Sheung Wan

Hillier Building, 273-277 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan

This is my go-to local plant shop and it never fails! The owners are friendly and the prices are very reasonable. I usually come here every other week to refresh my leafy arrangements of palm, monstera and fern at 5-10 HKD a piece. Along with flowers and greenery, this shop also carries a narrow, but thorough selection of small potted plants and basic planting essentials like potting soil and liquid fertilizer, making it a perfect first stop for a budding planter.

The Flower Market - Mong Kok

Flower Market Road, Mong Kok

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Flower Market  Road - Mong Kok

The Flower Market is legendary in Hong Kong and a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. This sprawling market spans across several streets in Mong Kok with dozens of shops selling anything your green thumb desires. From miniature desk succulents to proud parlor palms, if it has leaves and grows in dirt, you can probably find it here. Don't be afraid to take it slow and explore all the different shops to compare prices. The sheer number of stores and incredible selection can be daunting at first, but its worth spending some time to find the best deal.

The Stalk Room - Mid-Levels

Caravan Court, Shop A-1, 141-145 Caine Rd, Mid-level

It was love at first sight between The Stalk Room and I. This beautiful shop in Midlevels is a chic urban jungle overflowing with future green friends. The owner's creative background in fashion definitely shows in the elegant decor and stylish selection of pots and vases, also available for sale.

The owner is also known for his uniquely beautiful succulent arrangements, great as a gift - for others and for yourself. The Stalk Room favors foliage so if you're looking for floral arrangements you may have to keep looking but hey, I never met a leaf I didn't like.

Great design doesn't come cheap and while this isn't at the price point of your neighborhood plant shop, it's great if you're looking for quality and craftsmanship.

Floristry at M&L - Sheung Wan

Ground Floor, 18 Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan

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I like my florals like I like my hair;kind of messy and a little bit wild. These arrangements are effortlessly gorgeous in calm, muted tones and have a fresh-from-the-fields type of feel. The best part is, you can make sure you're never out of these beauties by signing up for their weekly subscription service - and oh, it comes with the jar.

Compared to other floral arrangements, these are actually a great deal at $210 HKD to $280 HKD a piece, depending on the size. I love how simple they are and how they instantly add life to a room without breaking the bank.

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