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Like the name suggests, it's hard to stay away from The Stalk Room once its sleek, gold exterior catches your eye, but not to worry, repeat visits are encouraged here.


Beautifully balanced between gilded and green, the Stalk Room is home to a lush family of foliage and plant-scapes. From the entryway and all throughout the shop, you're greeted by leaves galore, each a perfect part of this indoor jungle yet worthy of being a centrepiece on its own.

I sat down with Maurice, the plant artist himself to learn more about his vision for his store turned art gallery and here's what he had to say:

PIP: I love how treat each of your plants like a piece of art. What's the philosophy behind your work?

TSR: At The Stalk Room, we believe that every rock, every piece of wood and every leaf speaks their own language. We have to feel, listen and respect that to orchestrate the perfect finished plant-scape.

PIP: What inspires you when you create your unique arrangements?

TSR: Well, the process of putting together a botanical arrangement has to be spontaneous and fluid; all the individual pieces have to come together in harmony naturally. Inspiration only happens after the piece is done

PIP: What do you think is the most important part of caring for your plants?

TSR: Basic plant care is much more than just giving it sufficient light & adequate water. Plants that are treated with love & respect will thrive and flourish to reward us with their beauty.

Check out the full gallery here:

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