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In honor of Earth Day, heres a simple DIY project to turn your old shampoo bottles into chic hanging planters. About 300 billion tons of plastic is produced every year and only 10% of it is recycled. We can all do our part to resuse, upcycle and get a little crafty while we're at it.



All you'll need for this project is:

1. Old plastic shampoo bottle, washed with label removed

2. Scissors

3. Twine

4. Plant of your choice. (Be sure to choose one that will fit!)

5. Pen

1. After you've thoroughly cleaned out the shampoo bottle and removed the label, mark off the dimensions of your planter. I chose to use about half of the bottle but you can customize your measurements to make your planter taller or shorter.

2. Use your scissor to carefully cut along the sides of the bottle until you get to the shape or height you marked off. Make sure that both sides are even.

3. Using your scissors or any other sharp object, careful punch a hole on either side of the planter about 3/4 of an inch to an inch from the edge. This is where the twine will be attached to the planter so try to make the holes large enough for the material to be threaded through. Also be sure to make a few holes on the bottom of the planter for drainage.

4. Depending on the size of your plant and shampoo bottle, you may beed to fill in the planter with potting soil. To gauge whether or not you need to do this, carefully remove your plant and try to insert it into the planter. If there seems to be a lot of room at the bottom, go ahead and fill in the empty space with potting soil.

5. After filling in the bottom of the planter, carefully place your plant into the planter. Note that the chosen plant should fit easily into the container and this step shouldn't take too much effort. If you're using an elongated shampoo bottle like I am, try squeezing the sides together to make a larger opening for the plant to be inserted.

6. Measure out the amount of twine you'd like to use based on how high or low you'd like the planter to hang. I eyeballed this and roughly used about an arm's length of twine but feel free to adjust this to your needs. Attach the twine either side of the planter using the holes you created earlier. Make sure to tie firm and secure knots that will keep your planter in place. As an extra precaution, you may consider sealing the knots with Mod Podge or regular glue if you like.

7. Hang and enjoy!

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