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Some people go for the pillows or the pools but a wow-worthy bathtub is the cherry on top of any trip for me. Here are a few of my favorite soaking sanctuaries across Asia.

The Ritz Carlton Millennia Singapore

Windows are the eyes to the soul...or is it the other way around? These breathtaking views at the Ritz Carlton Millenia are what bubble bath dreams are made of. With some of the largest standard guest rooms I've seen in Singapore, this is also one of my favorite hotels in Asia.

The Ritz Carlton Shanghai Pudong

Now heres a tub that treats you like a queen. A throne-like soak worthy of royalty awaits at the Ritz Carlton Shanghai Pudong.

The Westin Singapore

Views so epic, you may forget to add water. This sweet standalone tub is perfectly situated for an evening of unwinding at the Westin Singapore.

The W Taipei

Sometimes, you just need some suds and good old ambient lighting. The W Taipei never fails to provide either.

Stay tuned, there will definitely be more bubbles to come.

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